Google Camera with Selfie Flash Feature & HDR+ Feature Now Available

Google Camera
Google Camera

Google Camera with Selfie Flash Feature & HDR+ Feature Now Available in Pixel Devices:-Google camera is not outdated but still it is running in various Smart Phone devices. Enlargement of Selfie Flash feature with HDR+ gives an best experiences to the users and they gets the great chance to install and utilize these new features with the Google camera. The Application of Google Camera is recently has been updated to the latest feature of Selfie flash which is normally don’t found in the most of Smart Phones. The important thing that is to be noted by the people is that this selfie flash feature is only compatible with the Android 7.1.1 version of Nougat Smartphones.

To use these Selfie flash and HDR+ feature , users need to tap on the flash icon while using the front camera of their Smart Phone and select  “Automatic”  or “On”.  4.4 Version of Google Camera is also running on Smartphones which have Android 7.1 Nougat OS. Other features with the latest updates of Google Camera includes the ability to double tap for Zoom in & a toggle option to switch between various camera functions.

Google Camera Selfie Flash Attach Features for Snapdragon 820,821  powered smartphones.

Mr Adam Conway XDA Developers  Writer said that he test the updated version of the google camera app on the Smart Phones devices like OnePlus 5, LG G6, OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T & Samsung Galaxy S8.  Convay Confirmed the  Google Camera app works better on these mentioned mobile handsets and also work with the Google’s HDR+ technology. He gives the reliability and say that the difference is very clearly seen in the picture after the camera processing.

Google Camera with Selfie Flash Feature & HDR+ Feature Now Available

Launching of Google Pixel was highlighted as one strike feature , Camera. The Smart Phones exclusive camera hardware  combined with the Snapdragon 821’s ISP & software of Google, Chops results in the images that was incredible which is developed from a Smart Phone.

With the recent updates, the Selfie flash feature is turned on , the Google Camera app turns the complete display of smartphone into an off white colour that gives a soft flash light to improve picture quality which is taken in low light. All the users of Google camera app just need to turn it on while taking selfies in front Camera mode. The update also brings the feature of shut off shutter sound at some regions.

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