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How To Uninstall AVG Software, AVG Removal Tool Not Working Solution:-Supplicants if you like to uninstall your AVG antivirus software then you must have to remove it by a remover tool  which is also known as AVG Remover Tool. Here on this webpage we are going to provide you the complete details  of AVG 2012, 2013, 2014 all years version of AVG Remover tool or simple steps of How To Uninstall AVG Software so that it can be easy for you to uninstall the AVG antivirus tools. Here we suggest you to use their own uninstaller program to uninstall or remove any of the AVG antivirus program from the computer system.
The AVG Remover tool remove all the units of your AVG antivirus installation from  the computer, including the users files, installation files, registry items etc.  The AVG Remover is the last and final option for uninstall the AVG Antivirus in the case of AVG uninstall or repair the installation process has failed due to some reasons.

Some Useful Instructions for using AVG Remover Tool in Windows 8.1:-

 Once you download the AVG Remover file of  3 mb  you need to execute it in your PC. Since it need to reboot. The Remover tool  need to close all other programs and open files in the computer. You have to first confirm from the administrator to run the remover tool. Then uninstall program will work in the CMD (command prompt).  Hope this remover tool and our guide for How To Uninstall AVG Software will helpful for your windows PC  7 & 8.1.

Steps of Solution for How To Uninstall AVG Software.

Some step by step instructions to uninstall the AVG Security programs from the  PC are available below on this page. These simple steps are used for uninstall Free AVG Antivirus, AVG Internet  Security or AVG PC Tune UP  from your Computer

  • Restart the Computer system & login with the admin Account as the  Windows user:-

Restart your computer to confirm that no updates are available for AVG antivirus or tests running in the background. After restart the PC log into windows user with the admin account.

  • Uninstall the AVG through Windows CPanel:

You need to follow the steps listed in the bottom to uninstall the AVG Antivirus Program for

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10 &
  • Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7
  • If Uninstallation Process is failed, USE the AVG Remover tool:-

If AVG Uninstaller failed then you can use the AVG remover tool for uninstall AVG Antivirus. Before start the removal process save all of your work  open files and close it. Your PC  need to  restart during the process.

  • Download the file AVG Remover tool
  • Run it and click on continue to accept licence agreement & privacy policy. Then it starts scanning all the system files of AVG Products.
  • Select a product you need to uninstall and then click on Remove.
  • Click on Restart
  • If the dialogue box that saying open file security warning will displayed after the restart. Click run to complete the process of uninstallation.
  • If it will prompted or denied , then restart the system again.

How To Uninstall AVG Software, AVG Removal Tool Not Working Solution

If you are going to uninstall AVG Antivirus by Add or remove the AVG programs , some of the times it does not work to remove AVG Antivirus completely because of  security registry entries that are corrupted with the errors. While you have some add/remove program as AVG Uninstaller  you might face several issues like  computer speed become slow, computer freezing, unable to connect internet and starting of getting installation errors. So you guys must read this article completely till the end to know How To Uninstall AVG Software.

AVG Remover tool gives you permission to uninstall all of the AVG Products completely from your computer. Unfortunately it is possible that the traditional methods of add/remove  AVG Program or uninstallation of AVG Antivirus doesn’t completely remove the AVG antivirus.  When you see this type of  condition then you need to use AVG Remover tool  for searching the traces of AVG Programs & automatically uninstall them from the computer.

After execution of the program through the AVG Remover Tool a log file of name avgremover.log will be generate on the same place0 where the executable code is located.  AVG remover log file contains the information & Details about which AVG Programs are detected in scan & which are removed Completely.

AVG Remover tool is used to remove or erase everything of your recent AVG Antivirus installation including the user files, registry items & installation files from the computer system  etc. AVG remover tool is developed by AVG. This is the only option used like AVG Uninstaller if you have any problem  in uninstall AVG Antivirus either reinstallation or failed to repair or completely removing process.

This is adoptable that by the AVG Removal tool all the AVG User Settings are removed after the uninstall process is done completely. The AVG Remover   removes or delete all the items that include affected content from the virus vault & other items of AVG antivirus installation will erased.

After  the completion of  process you need to restart the system once . So be sure about completing your work & save all essential works before restarting the PC and launching AVG Remover tool. Several  other applications are also available that can be used as AVG Uninstaller including IObit, Revo, and Wise. We advise you for using one of those apps unless AVG support asked to use it.  The AVG Remover finally in among all the tools that you want in hand on the time you need it.


Link for Remove AVG Antivirus Software- Click Here

Best AVG Antivirus Removal Tool for Windows 7 & 8.1:-

Here on this webpage the list of best official AVG Remover tool for windows  OS 7 & 8.1 with 32 bit & 64 bit versions. It is one of the best  tool to remove the AVG Antivirus software program from your computer and when the normal or by default windows uninstaller didn’t work accurately from control panel. Some times when default uninstallation process is failed again and again when trying to remove AVG Antivirus from your PC  due to many reasons.  In this case the AVG Removal Tool will be proved helpful. It is clearly uninstall the AVG Programs & remove all the relevant data of antivirus software from the Windows 8.1 & Windows 7 PC.

Even when  the default AVG Uninstaller works smooth & correctly. Its advised to use AVG Remover tool to remove or delete all the left data files of AVG Antivirus from the PC. Basically AVG Remover Tool  removes all registry entries , user files & installation files that are related to AVG antivirus program from the windows 8.1 PC. It is greatly recommend to use AVG remover tool or Avg Uninstaller if you want to install any antivirus software. Or if you have problems regarding AVG even after the  normal remover of AVG Programs.


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