Locky Ransomware: Cert In Issues Alert, Spreading Through Fake Email

Ransomware Security Threats
Ransomware Security Threats

Locky Ransomware: Cert In Issues Alert, Spreading Through Fake Email:-  In the past year we have already seen two major attacks through Ransomware and now this was again a serious attack which comes in the government system. The Internet Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT- In) announces an alert on Saturday about spreading of new malicious software as “Locky” which is broadcast through the spam messages that can accidently lock the computer system and demand for ransom to restore the access for users.

It is being reported that the new wave of spam mails has been broadcasting with common to variants of Locky Ransomware.  Reports says that greater than 23 million messages are send through this campaign,”said by CERT-IN in its advisory.

Locky Ransomware: Cert In Issues Alert, Spreading Through Fake Email

Locky Ransomeware is known to be most popular ransom of half bitcoin.  At present the rate  of Ransomware is equal to over 1.5 lakh. The alert is issued on the Cyber Swachhta Kendra. They said a new wave of spam mails is circulated with the common subjects lines to broadcast a variety of Locky Ransomware.

The Message Contains common subjects such as ‘documents’ , ‘Scans’, ‘Please Print’, ‘Pictures’, ‘Images’, ‘Photo’. However the Subjects writings can changed in focused lance phishing efforts,” the alert describes severity of Locky Ransomware as “high” noted by CERT-In alert.

Targeting the users , it added some e-mails showing the links to fake websites that is being used to circulated Locky Variants. “ Users are suggested to exercise caution while open an email & associations alert stated are advise to dispose the anti-spam solutions  and update the spammer block lists.

On Indian Systems the impact of Ransomware is not so clear, this time it would be third major ransomware attack for this year after wannacry and Petya that harm a huge number of computers involving multinational corporations. According to an Assocham PWC study, the India was third worst affected country in the list of 100 countries hit in may by Wannacry.

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