Railway Minister: Safety First, Money No Problem After Mumbai Stampede

mumbai stampede
mumbai stampede

Railway Minister: Safety First, Money No Problem After Mumbai Stampede:23 people are died on Friday’s Mumbai stampede at the foot over bridge connecting with Elphinstone Road & Parel Railway Stations.

The Railway Minister Piyush  Goyal announced on Saturday that the safety of Passengers will be the first priority after 23 people killed in the Stampede  at the high crowded station in Mumbai. After nine hour of long meeting , the railway minister Mr. Goyall said he had the official empowered to spend the money whatever is require for safety.  Further he said that the issues in Indian Railway are not one or two years old.  It was given to us in the year 2014  as inheritance.

Railway Minister: Safety First, Money No Problem After Mumbai Stampede

Current Developments are as follows:

  1. Each & Every Commuter of the Mumbai Suburbhan has the same importance as the Rajdhani Passenger & also will be treated like same said by Mr. Goyal in the officials meeting on Saturday that tweaked the processes to minimize the delay in execution of plans.
  2. One of the most important decision was Foot Bridges among other things as Safety objects have the higher priority with no restrictions of budget. Earlier only a single Foot over bridge was considered as essential while the other ones have the low priority. The minister tweeted that we are changing 150 years old convention  after that the Foot Over Bridges (FOB) will deemed essential not passenger amenity.
  3. Friday’s Tragedy was spread during the morning rush at the narrow foot bridge connecting with the Elphinstone Road & Parel train Stations in Mumbai. A heavy crowd was poured into bridge where already people taking shelter from heavy downpour- when same time four trains was rolled as per the eyewitness.
  4. In addition escalators are also sanctioned with details to be final within the 15 days at the crowded Mumbai suburban stations with the rush of high commuter for all high traffic train stations, “ said by the Railway Minister.
  5. While the 200 officers will be transferred from the Railway headquarters for world to strengthen field ground operations & implementation of projects, 75 dynamic & capable station direction will be posted to the key stations all across the country to bring vibrancy in operation, said railway minister.
  6. Within the 15 months , work will be done on installation of CCTV Cameras in suburban Trains at Mumbai also with the monitoring mechanism and parallel work will started across the india.
  7. Goyal on Saturday provide officials a week’s time to solve all the pending issues with the government agencies that stalled the projects & escalate issues that they can’t be able to solve them.
  8. The government following stampede has comes under the circumstances attack from the opposite party and as well as from Shiv Sena,’ for initiating the Rs 1 lakh crore Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project. The Bullet Train is similar to the demonetisation. It will kill everything else escape safety , tweeted by Finance Minister.
  9. The Mumbai Stampede on Friday brings a lots of new safety questions about the biggest rail networks of world. Which are struggling for upgrade the safety & infrastructure after a sequence of deadly accidents in some years.
  10. Near about $8 billion (R 52, 228 crore) promised by the government of India to upgrade the Mumbai Suburban trains that are lifeline for about 20 millions people of Mumbai city.  Some 7.5 millions passenger daily travel in approx 2500 trains but hundreds of passenger died every year due to lose if grips on the doors and falling down while try to get into packed compartments & hit electric poles outside.

Mumbai Stampede : Missing Ornaments of deceased returned to families

The Police Department of Mumbai who are handling a case of ornaments theft in Mumbai Stampede informed recently that the jewellery & ornaments were removed by the ward boy of King Edward Memorial Hospital from the dead bodies & have been delivered to the families of the injured & dead peoples.

Mumbai police said that ornaments were removed and handed over with their belongings to Dadar Police Station by the ward boys of KEM hospital .  The Policemen sent over to the victims place & deliver the ornaments to them.

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