Reliance Jio 4G Feature Phone: Price, Specification, Availability & Tariff

Reliance Jio 4G Feature Phone
Reliance JIO Phone

Reliance Jio 4G Feature Phone: Price, Specification, Availability & Tariff:-Recently Reliance Jio has launched its Reliance Jio 4G feature Phone which is name as Jio Phone. Mr. Mukesh Ambani in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of company has announced the launching of JIO 4G Volte Phone. The Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited called the New JIO 4G phone as “India Ka Smartphone” and it comes with the pre loaded features such as expandable SD Card slot, Jio apps, 4-way Navigation and many other features. So have a look below on this page to know the features of Jio’s 4G volte Feature Phone.

Reliance Jio Phone with 4G Features:-

The JioPhone is available for free but the buyers must have to deposit the fee of 1500/- Rs which is an refundable after three years while returning the phone. That means the phone is available to buy at an effectual price of zero.

Mukesh Ambani Said-“Today, I am delighted to announce that JioPhone will be available to all Indians for an effective price of –Rs 0”.  A user of jio phone can use the Jio phone for 36 months & get the full amount in refund of security deposit of 1500/- while the users returning their used phone to company.

The Jio 4G phone has launched in the 40th AGM meet of Reliance Industries Limited. Mr. Mukesh Ambani choose this occasion to introduce with his twin children Akash & Isha who presented the Jio Phone features including the text messaging on voice command and calling services, Internet surfing and also it includes cable to connect device to TV to view content, and videos.

Esha Ambani Said- “It is developed by in India by the Young Indian” on the time of announcing the launch of Jio 4G Volte Phone. Jio Feature Phone will be available for beta testing from this 15 August while the pre booking of Jio Volte Phone will start from 24th August 2017, and in hand it will be available to buy for users from the September month of this year.

Reliance Jio 4G Feature Phone: Price, Specification, Availability & Tariff

Jio named it as “India Ka Smartphone”

Features of Jio 4G Phone:-

  • 4 inch QVGA display
  • Torch Light
  • Alpha Numeric Keypad
  • Headphone Jack
  • FM Radio
  • SD Card Slot
  • Four way Navigation System
  • Battery With Charger
  • Call History Facility
  • Phone Contact Book
  • Microphone and Speaker
  • Jio Apps
  • Inbuilt Ringtones

Mukesh Ambani said in the AGM Meet that Voice call will be always free for the users of Jio Phone.

Mr Ambani Challenged that the Jio Phone will make all the 2G feature phone extinct . combining that  the company is looking for lead  million phones in the market.

Out of total 78 crore phones the 50 crore phones are featured phone that can not be used for internet surfing. The new Jio 4G phone will provide an affordable phone to that 50 crore users and terminate the digital rejection in India.

Reliance Communication adjust the equity culture in the Past . Now the Jio will trim the digital culture in India said by the Mukesh Ambani. Digital Life will no more privilege of loaded few.

Mr. Ambani Said that the phone will made in India from the past quarter year. “Jio Phone is now going to become most intelligent and affordable phone in world”- A 4G volte phone supports all 24 Indian languages.

The Jio Phone also have the feature of NFC  that is Near Field Communication support and according to the Jio, In future the users can store their debit & credit card details to make their payments just like Samsung Pay.

The Jio 4G Feature Phone users can get the offer of Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer in Just 153/- amount per month. In this amount they get free Voice calling & SMS including unlimited data.

The Fourth Generation Telecom Arm of Reliance Industries providing unlimited data pack on this phone in Just 153/- per month.

Mukesh Ambani said- Jio already have 125 million users since the last September when it launches.

Jio has also announced two recharge packs- one is of 54 that provides one weeks validity while the another recharge pack comes with validity of two days in the cost of 24.

Reliance Industries also has launched a device called Jio Phone Cable TV and connect the Jio Phone with any TV , not only with an Smart TV. So all the Jio 4G Phone users can enjoy viewing the big screen of their previous TV Sets.

Along with all this accessories users can also avail the JIO DHAN DHANA DHAN Offer of 309/- Rs that allow the users to watch almost 3-4 hours daily video of their choices on large screen.

To make its footprint broad the Jio has decided to make 10,000 offices of Jio around the India which will work as Sales Channel Partners.  The Telco also make over ten lakh physical retail outlets for selling Jio Services. Beside the Jio services will offer through E-Commerce platform.

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