Warm Caves Under Antarctica’s Glaciers May Thrive The Secret Life

Warm Caves
Warm Caves

Warm Caves Under Antarctica’s Glaciers May Thrive The Secret Life:-On Friday the Scientist says that in the warm caves under the Antarctica’s Glacier a secret world of unknown species , animals and plants may live.

The steam hollows the warm caves through the active volcanoes ,that are light & might reached at the temperature  of 25` Celsius . According to the reports , growing the possibilities of entire ecosystem of fauna & flora deep beneath the active frozen surfaces.

As per the studies of Australian National University across the Mount Erebus, In Antarctica an solid volcano on Rose Island displays an extensive systems of caves.

Ceridwen Fraser a lead researcher said that according to the forensic analyses of soil samples received from the caves disclosed the intriguing traces of DNA through the mosses, algae and Small animals.


Most of the DNA’s Are equivalent to mosses & algae or invertebrates found in the Antarctica’s waves , yet all the sequences are not identified completely.

The detailed study result gives us tantalising glimpse of live beneath of the ice caves in Antarctica’s- Might be there are new species of plants & animals.

Warm Caves Under Antarctica’s Glaciers May Thrive The Secret Life

The next stage is to step forward and  have a look & see if there is any communities are in warm caves under the ice in Antarctica.

The Fraser said that although the continent’s freezing temperature heat emitting from the volcanoes makes the warm caves quite good and enough warm to wear and t-shirt and live with a comfort . Light filtering the deep down where the layers of ice are thin and skinny.

In New Zealand From the university of Waikato  the Co-Researcher Charles Lee said that there are many other volcanoes in the Antarctica. So it is common to have an Subglacial Cave System.

Still No one knows about how many warm caves are exist in the Antarctica’s Volcanoes or how broad the subglacial environment is interconnected . these are really very difficult to explore and knows about it.

According to a research published in the International Journal Polar Biology there are more than 15 volcanoes that are currently known as Active in Antarctica or either shown the clues of recent activities. New volcanoes are still in search by the researchers.

But in spite of recent things understood by the Antarctica Biodiversity, scientists said that “little knows about the secret life in the continents subglacial caves, which may harbour the complex communities and diversity.

They said our result of research shows the importance of investigation of these caves system in Antarctica in the details- in spite of the field challenges combining with the endeavour, to assuring the presence of living macrobiota.

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